• opencv python Face recognition

    1. Recuperation du flux Video


    http://ip address:port/cgibin/CGIProxy.fcgi?usr=admin&pwd=xxx&cmd=setSubStreamFormat&format=1



    tutorial opencv python camera ip






    tuto pour recuperer le flux de la camera:


     tuto python opencv



  • Rasp dash cam

    un article interessant sur comment faire une dashcam à partir d'un raspberry.

    de plus il montre comment connecter des boutons et led. Blog interessant à lire


  • Raspberry Kodi with a remote file-server using vpn

    1. Introduction

    so today because i'm tired of Elasticsearch and mostly logstash ! I going to use one of my "old" Raspberry Pi B+ to build a Media center for my parents.

    Indeed i'm tired of them asking me to bring some free of charge movie or tv shows with me... so i will build a small Raspberry Pi 2 with Kodi and i will configure it to use openvpn to connect to my home to get access to my NAS. Of course i want everything to be as secure as possible so i will use authentication using a dedicated certificate.

    Nowadays we start having internet connection with enough bandwidth but be aware that at least for the NAS side, you will need an optic fiber or similar (you need huge upload for HD). I will try to mesure the bandwidth it took to stream from my NAS.

    For my personal use i have a NUC computer with openelec, but unfortunately openelec doesnt have an openvpn client... so thanks to a friend i discover OSMC and i will try to use it. Apparently it's a raspbian modify to behave like a media center (start kodi on boot). Let's hope it's optimized  as openelec!

    for information osmc is the new version of raspbmc


    This subject seems quiete "simple" for most of us, but this blog is about sharing my experience and test, not creating unbelieving new idea! (who knows, perhaps one day!). if it could help 2 people i would be happy about it, if not, i would still use it as my personal public notes !