• ssh over ssl part 1 : server side


    This tutorial is made for you to be able to test how to do SSH over a standard https SSL/TLS connection (at least for the CONNECT). the objective is to understand how it's working and to be able for you to make a POC if you want to. I'm not responsible for what purpose you are using it to. most of this tutorial was possible thanks to the hard work of

    this tutorial is definitely doable on a Raspbeery Pi

     do not hesitate to let me a comment to ask questions.

  • ssh over ssl with proxy "part 3"


    1.1 disclamer

    i'm making this article as a POC for intellectual knowledge. i'm not responsible of the use you are making of it.  be aware of your company security policies if you are using this article to bypass them.

    1.2 General

    this article is the continuation of my previous article concerning ssh over ssl:

    ssh over ssl part 1 : server side

    ssh over ssl part 2 : client side

    it's objective is to show how to use ssh over ssl through an http proxy and we will reuse the 2 previous article setting but change the client side only.