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At first i wanted a space that allows me to save my findings and technical configurations i didn't want to forget. Then i tell myself why not put it on Internet to share with other ppl that are looking for information on something i already did.

for the moment i didn't activate any commentaries or anything else on the website. Indeed as i said i'm not a blogger, i just want to save my finding and share it with other people that might help. But if you have some questions, do not hesitate to ask me nicely by email and i will try to answer you.

i have a small lab at home to play with stuff i found, and experiments. my lab is made of a NAS, several raspberry, and recently a VM server ESXi because i'm tired of having too many Rpi & Co!

The blog itself isn't very powerful because i didn't want to spend to much time on it, but if one day it require more work, i will see. for the moment it met my need and that's all i want!


 2. I, Me and Myself

It's very hard to present yourself, so i will be very brief!

I'm a french computer science ingeneer specialize in security. i always liked to try to understand everything i touch especially in computer science. I like to say i'm no expert in any technology but i'm trying to! 

The security field is very interesting because you have the opportunity to think as a good guy trying to protect yourself, but also like bad  guys trying to break or steal everything! Of course i'm kidding, but you have to understand (and try) how hackers do to bypass security equipment etc. To do so, you have to undertand a very large field of security starting from the computer : OS, hardware etc to the network : TCP, VLAN, Firewall, IDS etc.

As an example of how i like to undertand thing and try to be the bad guy you can find my final internship presentation at the defcon 18 in 2010 thanks to the security lab of stanford : 

But that's not everything, security field means also trying to protect your company from a governance point of view: how do you protect a company with thousand employees without knowledge in security ? you have to think policies, procedure, control etc! and from a bigger scale, it become harder and harder... it's easy to protect your frontdoor with titan but if you don't know that you have several backdoor in wood, what the point ?! ;)



I'm currently living in Montpellier after spending my studies in Paris Epita and working in Paris in several companies for over 6 Years!

you can find more details on me on linkedin and you can contact me by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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