a quick article on a trick to get a different SSID or Orbi Mesh router for 2.4Ghz & 5ghz.

Why an article and why do i want to change it ?

first of all i made this article as usual to share what i found out, and to make sure i don't forget it ! second of all because i found out superuser on netgear are not very kind (to stay polite) and i'm afraid they will delete the thread on the netgear forum...

then why do i want to change it ? Because i don't like wifi overlap: over time I discovered i had several time some issues with small device and wifi when wifi 2.4 & 5Ghz overlap. Yes it work great with computer and Iphone & Co but for example my Foscam IP cam C1v3 crash completely and i can't reach it through wifi if network overlap!

BE Careful what you are doing ! Don't do it unless you know what you are doing and/or if you really need it ! I'm not responsible if you brick your Orbi


2.1 Enable Telnet

first of all you need to find out your orbi IP (look into your internet box or what ever to find it). in this example let's say it's

connect through firefox (it seems that it doesn't work with IE ... what a surprise!) to this url: and tick "Enable Telnet"


i'm using a RBK40 with firmware V2.0.0.56


2.2 Connect Through Telnet

Use your computer favorite telnet client (putty or whatever) and connect to your Orbi through telnet using your admin login/password

you should have something like this once connected:


2.3 change network settings


try to type in:

config get wl_ssid
config get wla_2nd_ssid

they should both get you the same SSID name.


if not, you can try to guess it with:

grep -r ssid /etc/init.d/boot


to change it you must type in :


config set wla_2nd_ssid="NAME YOUR 5GHZ NETWORK"
config commit

your Orbi should reboot (take a few minutes) and once it's done, you should see 2 different SSID on your wifi scanner and you can double check it through your Orbi dashboard : the name will be different on the main dashboard between 2.4 and 5Ghz.




if you need to rollback, you just have to change the wifi ssid through the orbi http dashboard, it will reset what you just did. you can also if require make a full factory reset of course (but you will lose every setting you made on the orbi)



for my use i decided to enable the guess network and make the change onto the guess network to keep the overlapping on my main wifi network and get a secondary with 2 different ssid : slow and fast.

to do so, i called my wifi guess "NETGEAR-Guest-Slow-2.4Ghz"

then i did the change with this instead:

config set wla1_2nd_ssid="NETGEAR-Guest-FAST-5Ghz"



thanks Khad:

thanks Paros:


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