1.1 disclamer

i'm making this article as a POC for intellectual knowledge. i'm not responsible of the use you are making of it.  be aware of your company security policies if you are using this article to bypass them.

1.2 General

this article is the continuation of my previous article concerning ssh over ssl:

ssh over ssl part 1 : server side

ssh over ssl part 2 : client side

it's objective is to show how to use ssh over ssl through an http proxy and we will reuse the 2 previous article setting but change the client side only.


Nagios is a powerful monitoring server to monitor your computer on your network like harddrive space available, service status, etc. In this article i will show you how to install and configure a simple nagios server and how to configure your client to send info to your server. 

This is yet another Nagios tutorial as many as you can on internet, but i will cover the whole server installation and also some sample for client. It's more or less my whole configuration since i'm using this blog as a personal reminder ;-)



a quick article on a trick to get a different SSID or Orbi Mesh router for 2.4Ghz & 5ghz.

Why an article and why do i want to change it ?

first of all i made this article as usual to share what i found out, and to make sure i don't forget it ! second of all because i found out superuser on netgear are not very kind (to stay polite) and i'm afraid they will delete the thread on the netgear forum...

then why do i want to change it ? Because i don't like wifi overlap: over time I discovered i had several time some issues with small device and wifi when wifi 2.4 & 5Ghz overlap. Yes it work great with computer and Iphone & Co but for example my Foscam IP cam C1v3 crash completely and i can't reach it through wifi if network overlap!

BE Careful what you are doing ! Don't do it unless you know what you are doing and/or if you really need it ! I'm not responsible if you brick your Orbi

1. Introduction

I love to try new technical challenges for curiosity and learning purposes. i was before using Orange ISP in France and i was very unhappy about their router for many reasons (bug, crash, packet loss, NAT working ... when it wanted, NAT impossible on specific port ... like PPTP port ... awesome ...). So because of Orange i started looking into a way to get rid of their router, unfortunately at that time i discover it's very annoying (see previous article): you will lose TV & phone or you will need a lot of configuration... So since i knew i had to move soon, i never actually took the time to try it.

But since I moved, I changed my ISP and went to Free ISP (French ISP) with optical fiber. it also have its issues, but at least you can easily set the given router to bridge mode! much easier and you still can keep TV (girlfriend is happy!) & phone!

But in addition i'm very impressed by the huge improvement i had to use my own router! for clarification here are 2 bandwidth tests i made before and after changing my router (tried several time always same 2 results):

Here is the state of my mind after i run the tests:

click below to see why!